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"This is my third review to tell you guys that this place is awesome! I am always excited to come here!"

Review Verified on 7/27/2015
"For my first time having a "real" appointment I felt really comforted by all the nice people i meet. I felt very at home and my nerves went away. The experience was way less scary then I thought thanks to the nice people I meet."

Review Verified on 7/13/2015
"Dr. Fischman's office is wonderful - every staff person is wonderful - even my daughter, who had braces in high school - remembers her experience and said to me "Dr. Fischman is awesome". Dr. F. is meticulous, takes the time to answer all my questions, never rushes through my appointments and I know that my teeth are getting the very best attention and treatment. I would never hesitate to recommend him."

Review Verified on 7/6/2015
"my teeth are perfect."

Review Verified on 7/1/2015
"Gives people good teeth protection"

Review Verified on 6/30/2015
"All around good experience! The staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Fischman is very thorough."

Review Verified on 6/29/2015
"Excellent personalized service and very friendly staff!!! My beautiful teeth brought me confidence, reason to smile more often and be happy! Few months ago I finished my long 3-year treatment. From the beginning, Dr. Fischman always took his time to answer all my questions, I never felt rushed or waited long time to get service. I can see Doctor’s genuine care towards people- this comes from having a big heart and loving your job, it is so rare to see nowadays. Thank You, Doctor, for being a great example of professionalism and kindness to ones who get to know you. The office is always clean and fun organized to put at ease both children and adults. I will definitely miss coming to the office and feel welcomed by the Doctor and his pleasant staff!"

Review Verified on 6/8/2015
"The best dr & office in town!!!!!! We have only had the best service."

Review Verified on 5/26/2015
"I love this place! It's awesome, everyone here is awesome and nice! Ten out of five stars!"

Review Verified on 5/20/2015
"Awesome!! Always had great appointments."

Review Verified on 5/19/2015
"The customer service is fantastic and I have always had a good experience while visiting Dr. Fischman's office."

Review Verified on 4/30/2015
"Very friendly and nice atmosphere and great service!"

Review Verified on 4/8/2015
"I really like the fischbucks system. It's a great incentive! Dr. Fischman is very kind and his assistants always make me feel welcome."

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"We love the Fischman office! Great Dr and staff-we will miss you now that the braces are off"

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"The staff are very efficient and friendly. They are always smiling and always greet you when you come in. I have had a very pleasant experience at Fischman orthodontics and I would definitely recommend it to any future orthodontics patient. Dr Fischman is a friendly and skilled orthodontist. A future reccomencation would be to pick different candy other than jellybeans for the main office."

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"Office staff is always pleasant, helpful willing to answer any questions.office , apppt making is efficient and easy, allowing me to schedule both boys at same time. Enjoy the coffee option and kids enjoy the hot cocoa. The incentive / fun challenges are entertaining...i think winners should be posted as it is fun to know. Dr. Fishman is very profesional.and patient with his teenage clients. My kids teeth look fabulous from what i can tell! I would highly recommend this orthodontist office."

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"Super fun and a lovely place to be. All the staff are super kind and flexible. Even I was able to make my own next visit. Mr. Fischman is a super kind guy that I sometimes see around town."

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"Everyone in the office is friendly and professional."

Review Verified on 4/6/2015
"You did wonderful and keep my teeth looking good!"

Review Verified on 4/1/2015
"Very friendly atmosphere and good service."

Review Verified on 4/1/2015
"On our third child here! Kids are happy, parents are happy, and teeth are straight! The staff is great, and the environment is stress free."

Review Verified on 3/26/2015
"Great job with 3sets of braces and one round of Invisalign! Thanks for making us all have straight teeth,!"

Review Verified on 3/26/2015
"They did well fixing my teeth"

Review Verified on 3/26/2015
"They always make me feel like part of the family. They also tell me what is going on and what is going to happen... No surprises. There is just no one else I would choose as my orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 3/19/2015
"The people here are so nice even when I came I'm with a broken bracket or two. They made the two years that I had my braces on much better than it would be without it. My smile now, one year later, is a,axing and I can smile pretty."

Review Verified on 3/10/2015

Review Verified on 3/10/2015
"Always friendly staff, great service, and overall excellent experience. I wouldn't want to go to any other Ortho!"

Review Verified on 3/10/2015
"It's always a pleasant trip to your office. The girls are very nice & welcoming. Have met some nice people and run into others I know from when I worked. The girls, Elizabeth & Margaret, know what they are supposed to do. I just take them and sit and wait. Hope this helps you out."

Review Verified on 3/10/2015
"A great experience experience all around. Dr. Fischman and his whole staff are very helpful and extremely friendly. Both the dr. himself and his assistant Brenda explain every step clearly and with humor, so the process of getting, wearing, and taking care of braces is as easy as it could be."

Review Verified on 3/5/2015
"Thank you to Dr. Fischman and his amazing staff! I am an adult patient and recently completed my orthodontic treatment....I can't stop smiling! The care that the entire office showed me from the beginning of the process to that big final day was top notch! I always enjoy seeing their smiling faces and I couldn't say more about the final outcome. My teeth look amazing! Dr. Fischman's office truly is a more personalized experience! Thank you so very much! :)"

Review Verified on 3/3/2015
"What a great experience at Dr. Fischman's office. My sons teeth came out wonderful.The office staff is also very helpful and friendly.I would recommend Dr Fischman to everyone."

Review Verified on 3/2/2015
"On a Friday night at 5:30 pm, my son's orthodontic wire popped out and he was in a lot of discomfort and could not close his mouth. We called after the office had closed, but Dr. Fischman met us within an hour at the office. He put the wire back in place in just a few minutes Now my son could enjoy the weekend! Thank you Dr. Fischman for being so responsive on a Friday night! Clare and Chris Dowd"

Review Verified on 2/27/2015
"Very helpful and professional"

Review Verified on 2/17/2015
"Get results! My daugter has been a patient for approximately four years, and soon we will be crossing the finishing line. She has a beautiful smile that I hope last her lifetime. Many thanks to Dr. Fischman and his staff."

Review Verified on 2/16/2015
"They did everything right"

Review Verified on 2/12/2015
"I enjoy every visit because the waits are never more than 10 minutes. The orthodontist are really nice. You are never in the chair for that long unless you are getting your braces put in for the first time. Everyone is friendly and will answer any questions you have."

Review Verified on 2/12/2015
"Marci is great at helping and explaining things!"

Review Verified on 2/11/2015
"LOVE the entire staff!!!...and the beautiful smiles they create!"

Review Verified on 2/11/2015
"I have been a patient of Doctor Fischman's for about two years now, and words cannot explain how highly satisfied I am with his service. Doctor Fischman and his team make sure to provide you with the best experience possible with your braces. You can rest assured that your teeth will be handled with the utmost precision and care. If you're looking for a great orthodontist who truly cares for his patient and their teeth, then Doctor Fischman is your guy."

Review Verified on 2/10/2015
"We have been we have been coming to Dr. Fischman for 5plus years. His results are perfection. His office is welcoming and clean!. My children look amazing . I am grateful for his attention to detail."

Review Verified on 2/4/2015
"So far so good"

Review Verified on 2/4/2015
"Did amazing!!!"

Review Verified on 2/3/2015
Reviews 547 - 588 of 620

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